North China Aluminium Co.Ltd

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Established in 1978, North China Aluminium Co., Ltd is the joint venture of Minmentals Resources Limited of Hongkong, China Aluminium Industry Group, CITIC Development Co. Ltd and the Third Logistic Service Center of State-run Assets Supervise the Board of Trustee of People’s Government of Hebei with the capability of producing and deep processing sheet, aluminium strip, aluminium foil, aluminium rube, aluminium bar and aluminium profile. Annual capacity is 80,000tons. In 1995, North China Alumi...

      • Company Name:
      • North China Aluminium Co.Ltd
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      • Main Products:
      • Aluminium sheet, coil All kinds of aluminium foil including aluminium fin stock and hydrophilic fin stock.PS substrate and PS plateExtruded profile.
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      • ZhuoZhou city,HeBei province,China
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      • 072750
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      • Wang Chunhai
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      • 0312-3663888
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      • 0312-3632265
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